Jersey City Arts Council

Visual Branding & Responsive Design

A new organization dedicated to supporting the arts in Jersey City, New Jersey needed a visual identity and online presence in order to receive their non-profit status and garner funding to serve artists and arts organizations in their city.

In addition to creating their visual branding, opening event posters and collateral, we decided on a custom Squarespace website which was both economical and flexible and acted as a CMS, allowing them to manage their own content. Scalability was an important consideration as JCAC grows and refines their brand, they will discover new needs that affect functionality and layout. 

Role: Designer
Client: JCAC
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Lettermark & Logotype



The JCAC lettermark is a bold yet refined, geometric type treatment that is not afraid to take risks. It’s base rests at a dynamic 45 degree angle, whose implied diagonal line speaks to movement. The connected letters are symbolic of the strong sense of community within Jersey City and amongst its artists.

Also contained within this lettermark is the union of arts and council, indicated by the ligature made from the A and C, which speaks to how devoted JCAC is to supporting the arts in Jersey City.

lettermark 3.jpg

Preliminary Ideations



Color Palette



JCAC was keen on using a vibrant colorway, influenced in part by the resurgence of Brutalist design. Being that their branding needs were largely digital, a lively gradient that spoke to the voice and style of the city they represent was chosen. For their occasional printing needs, CMYK values were created. Pantone colors were advised for important collateral only, like business cards with 1 spot color, in order to keep costs down. 


Event Poster & Collateral



Responsive Website