Visual Identity & Responsive Design

Kevin of Yogalamb came to me with branding needs for an online presence. I developed a logotype and color palette evoking the interplay of light and playful gracefulness that exists within the grounded strength and solid structure of Kevin's form and advanced asana style.

The elements added to enhance the photography seek to do a couple of things. The solid square is a nod to the yoga mat, grounding the figure in space; while the outlined petal, taken from the lotus flower, adds contrast by creating a sense of whimsy.

Instead of hiring a developer, Kevin and I opted to have myself code the site in order to keep costs down. This long-scrolling responsive site was the perfect solution for Kevin's content. It was built from scratch using the Responsive HTML5 Boilerplate, which was mostly gutted in order to have more customization. 

Role: Designer & Developer
Client: Kevin Lamb
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Logotype & Color Palette



The Yogalamb logotype speaks the yin and yang qualities that harmoniously exist within yoga; structured and organic, intense and yielding, heat-building and cooling poses. The chosen palette for the site is both playful and quiet; perfect for allowing the photography to take center stage.





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